Super Energy Saver: Petrol & Diesel


It is the best lubricant for combustion engine.

It can prevent internal tank corrosion and made it more durable.

Its breakthrough technology and proven formulation are suitable for use in all type of carburetors, fuel injectors, diesel powered cars and machineries.

It improves the performance of spark plug and engine and reduces engine noise.

It is superior in quality, 100% pure and completely free of sludge.

Hence it is very economical and practical.

It can boost up the engine horsepower rapidly.

Its content will not settle or solidity and you can obtain optimum results even under cold wealther condition.

It is environmental friendly as it improves fuel economy and reduces air pollution.

Advantages & Benefits

Increase Engine Power and Performance - this can be felt immediately and will further increase driving pleasure and confidence.

Reduction in Fuel Consumption - Reduction of fuel costs = reduction in cost of living.

Reduced Carbon Deposits - with cleaner combustion chamber, the cost of maintenance will be reduced and the life-span of the car will be increased.

Reduced Friction - resulting in lower maintenance costs, a quieter and smoother engine, minimizing the interference to our car audio system.

Easy Ignition - this especially good for the engine during cold starts. It will enhance the life span of the starter and the car batteries, too.

Reduced Black Smoke - this will definitely contribute to a more environmentally friendly society.

Minimizes the risks of black smoke which most authorities are concerned about

It contains no chemical
100% natural and organic

increase boiling point

reduce engine temperature

protects engine combustion chamber

increase power

reduce fuel consumption

very affordable price

Aturan Penggunaan Super Energy Saver
Petrol & Diesel Power Booster
Slide 10

>Terdapat sukatan kandungan power booster disisi botol.
>Setiap tahap sukatan bersamaan dengan 10ml cecair Power Booster.
>10ml cecair Power Booster adalah untuk kegunaan 26 liter atau RM50 bahanapi petrol atau disel.
>Tuang cecair Power Booster kedalam tangki terlebih dahulu sebelum melakukan pengisian minyak.
>Bagi memastikan penjimatan maksima, gunakan Power Booster pada setiap isian minyak.
>Pastikan penutup rapat selepas digunakan.
>Simpan jauh daripada kanak-kanak.

RM35 sahaja sebotol..

Sila hubungi:
Aikido 019-5497275
Kay-Syafiq 013-5040108

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prosedur akan diberitahu setelah dihubungi. 10% daripada keuntungan akan disumbangkan kepada PALESTIN. Jadi mari membeli sambil menderma.


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